Public Information Flyers

Equipment Lease-Purchase Process

Projects Completed with CIRB

CED#1 Project lettings delay

CED#1 Bridge Inspections

Projects cleared for letting but no funds available

County services Handout

CIRB – NE Oklahoma funding Handout

County Roads and Bridges stats

Deep Seat Abutment Standards

CED 1 & 8 Deep Seat Abutment and Crosstown Steel Beam Standards – REV0 – 11-30-2015

OCCEDB/CED History Presentation

OCCEDB CED History and Funding Presentation 2015

CED#1 2019 Information

CED#1 Road Surface & Bridge Status (2019)

Sample Documents

Sample Five-Year Plan

Emergency Information and Legal Documents

Emergency Relief Manual
ODOT Federal Emergency Relief Project Damage Statement
ODOT Contact List
FEMA Cost Codes
Detailed Damage Inspection Report
Comparison of FHWA and FEMA Disaster Programs
Agreement for Work on Private Property
Agency Responsibilities for Emergency Programs

Financial Resources

CED#1 FY 2018 Audit

CED#1 FY 2016 Audit
CED#1 FY 2017 Budget
Final 2020 STP Selection
CCR Registration Information

CBRI Documents

Final CBRI Summary Report
Transfer of Funds Phase I – Account 105

CIRB Documents

OACE CIRB Scoping Presentation 10-24-2017
2013 CIRB Interim Study Presentation
ODOT Requirements for using CIRB monies in ROW

ODOT Contacts

ODOT Traffic Data: Andy Rex, 405-522-0985,
ODOT Environmental Contact: Siv Sundaram, 405-522-3791,
Certified Traffic Counts: Jon Eschelman, 918-481-8484,
For an updated Service Provider List, Please contact Ms. Charlotte Davis with ODOT by phone at (405)521-2661 or email her at Charlotte_Davis/

Roads and Bridges

OACE 3R Presentation 10-24-2017
Used ODOT Guard Rail Presentation
Restore and Encore HIR
Industrial Access Road Program
How To Determine Bridge Length
Critical Bridge Inspection List
Definition of Public Road
County Highway System and Municipalities
Weight Limits on County Roads and Bridges

Other Helpful Documents

ODOT Used Guard Rail Presentation
Pipeline Safety Information Pamphlet
The Oklahoma Academy Dec 2012 Pamphlet
ODOT Presentation on Closed and Temporary Bridges
ACCO/DA County Law Workshop January 2012 2012 County Transportation Plan Handout from 3/22/2012
County Commissioners Bills Handout from 3/22/2012
Geosynthetic Reinforced Soil Design and Construction Guide
Geosynthetic Reinforced Soil (GRS) IBS Synthesis Report – Jan 2011
Geosynthetic Reinforced Soil-IBS_Sheets
Oklahoma’s Gross Production Taxes and Exemptions
Unencumbered Striping Contract
ODOT Striping Contract
Rural Functional Classification Maps
Proposed CIRB Management Services Intergovernmental Agreement
Does Your County Own Fire Trucks Used by a Local Volunteer Fire Department?
BR Deadlines, Policies, and Procedures – 2008
Sign Pricing And Agreement
INCOG REAP Program – Transportation Allocation
INCOG REAP Program – Community/Economic Development Allocation
Beam Sizing Chart
Explanation of County Funding
CR Factor